VZ61 Scorpion | The Original Scorpion Evo 1 | 380 ACP version with an appearance of the 32 ACP

Czechpointusa is offering these VZ61 Scorpion pistols again from Czech Small Arms built from kits made from surplus scorpions from the cold war era. This little semi-auto version of the legendary 1960s PDW SMG developed for use with security forces and special forces, the weapon was also accepted into service with the Czechoslovak Army, as a personal sidearm for lower-ranking army staff, vehicle drivers, armoured vehicle personnel and special forces.

The Škorpion vz. 61 is a Czechoslovak 7.65 mm machine pistol developed in 1959 by Miroslav Rybář (1924–1970) and produced under the official designation Samopal vzor 61 (“submachine gun model 1961”) by the Česká zbrojovka arms factory.

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