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SAN FRANCISCO — Cellphone video taken by a witness captured San Francisco police fatally shooting an armed robbery suspect who appeared to be firing at them from the trunk of a car.

On Tuesday, two victims of an armed robbery flagged down officers and gave them a description of the suspects, Mission Local reports. Officers located the suspects, who were in a black Honda Civic, and ordered them to get out of the car.

Police said the driver compiled, but officers noticed the “vehicle’s trunk ajar and saw a second suspect in the trunk.” The shooting occurred while police were attempting to detain the suspect, who has been identified as 19-year-old Jesus Delgado-Duarte, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

A bystander filmed the incident, which appears to show Delgado-Duarte sticking a handgun out of the trunk and firing at officers. Police returned fire and fatally wounded the suspect.

Police retrieved a handgun in the car’s trunk. Delgado-Duarte’s death sparked outrage among his friends and family, who said police used too much force, according to KGO-TV.

“If he had a gun or not, they still should have not shot him 30 times,” says Rocio Navarro, who adds, “once or twice is still bad, but I would have rather them shot him once or twice than 30 times.”

Police said a third suspect was arrested in connection to the robbery.

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