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A new DLC came out for Steel Division 2; Tribute to the Liberation of Italy! I decided to buy it and check it out. Last time I did a cinematic the general consensus was that people wanted to see more so instead of a live commentary I just grabbed some cool moments/new units from the different factions in the DLC!


00:00 Intro
00:34 Intro to new DLC & Video
02:21 M42 75 engaging Allied vanguard
02:48 Elefant on the prowl!
03:52 M42 75 engaging a Sherman.. welp
04:23 Elefant out of ammo already
04:48 Z1007 Italian heavy aircraft
05:33 Panther Command tank
06:45 Allies Allied Italian Aircraft
07:08 Axis Allied Italian Aircraft
07:45 Italian NAG 4500 AA
08:37 Lince 202 Battlefield commander
09:28 BF-110 ground attack
10:15 P26/40 vs 2 Shermans
10:57 Firefly vs Elefant & Panther
11:17 Panthers ADVANCE
12:12 Fallschirmjaeger recon
12:44 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbaer
13:20 K18 172.5mm Howitzer
13:52 Gebirgsjaeger vs AA truck
14:48 AI sending ammo trucks
15:16 Tiger 1H vs Stuart
15:54 Italian Paras
16:45 Final score & thoughts


Steel Division 2 pushes the limits of the WW2 RTS experience. Set on the Eastern Front in 1944, this sequel of the critically acclaimed Real-Time Tactical game puts you in charge of your entire army during Operation Bagration, the Soviet offensive against Nazi armies in Bielorussia.

Play as a General in the 1:1-scale turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaigns, as a Colonel in the epic Real-Time Tactical Battles, as an Weapon Expert in the brand-new Deck Building System.

With more than 600 units, 25 maps, and multiple game modes, Steel Division 2 lets you play as you want and offers hundreds of hours of gameplay in solo, multiplayer and coop.

Massive 1:1-Scale Dynamic Strategic Campaigns
Relive history in the huge single player Dynamic Strategic Campaigns: lead thousands of men on up-to 150×100 km maps, plan your battalion’ movements, manage supply and execute your strategy in week-long campaigns in this historically accurate turn-based game mode. Every battalion is the same as it was during the Operation Bagration.

Pick your side and relive this massive offensive or rewrite the course of events. Decide which battalion will take part into battle, fight every one of them in real-time tactical combat, or use autoresolve for a pure Strategic experience.

More than just another game mode, the Dynamic Strategic Campaigns are an entire new game within the game.

Authentic Real-Time Tactical Battles
Field over 600 extremely detailed units, including the iconic T-34 tank, the Katyusha multiple rocket launcher and the IL-2 ground-attack aircraft! Select your division, pick the units you will send to battle, and build the perfect battlegroups in the brand new deck system, allowing more tactical freedom than ever.

Fight in the 25 new available battlefields, analyze the terrain and use your tactical skills to give the right order at the right time and dominate your enemy!

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