Staccato SHOT Show 2022 | Staccato C & Staccato P Overviews

Staccato SHOT Show 2022 | Staccato C & Staccato P Overviews

Welcome back to more SHOT Show 2022 coverage! This time we stop by the Staccato booth to check out what’s new or improved! Well known for their world class duty pistols and pistols built for the self defense person who just wants more. They have expanded offerings to include customization and always pushing to put the best duty pistol out they can.

3- Gun Shooter Heather Miller breaks down the Staccato P as well as the Staccato C line up and what they have to offer. We then transition over to the levels of customization Staccato offers for their customers. Everything from injection molded and stippled grip, a compensator and multiple different levels of customization through their build program to fit what you need or want.

Staccato has some of the best if not the best duty pistol on the market. Anyone from a professional end user to an average everyday blue collar worker can enjoy and appreciate what they have.

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