Sig RXP X-Full VS CZ P10F Big Hammer Showdown | New Owners Guide

Sig RXP X-Full VS CZ P10F Big Hammer Showdown | New Owners Guide

Sig and CZ have some great offerings in the strike fired world. The Sig RXP X full is one of my favorites to take on the range. The CZ P10F is a full sized hammer than begs to get some action as well. These two are very similar in size, bore axis feel and overall performance. There are some glaring differences whoever. The Sig has a big beavertail where the CZ does not. The CZ flat out came with a better factory trigger in my onion but the upgraded X series trigger on the Sig is nice compared to other stock P320’s. Functionally they have run flawless on all ammo types from practice to self defense. The optics mounting sturdiness goes to sig for the direct slide mount, however if you want to run anything besides a DPP or Sig Romeo 1 Pro you need an adapter so kinda a pain.

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