Shooting the Czech vz61 Skorpion: Machine Pistol or PDW?

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In the US, the commonly accessible version of the vz.61 Skorpion is the stock-less semiauto pistol – and in that configuration the gun is really nothing like the intentions of its designers. The Skorpion was designed to be a personal defense weapons, and in the small .32ACP caliber that really requires fully automatic fire.

The short and small stock does, in fact, provide a nice addition to help control the gun. It does not need to really brace against recoil (which is really minimal), but it does a useful job in providing a third point of contact to keep the gun in control and on target. That said, the Skorpion is actually quite controllable when fired offhand without a stock – much to my surprise.

Thanks to Marstar for letting me examine and shoot their Skorpion! Visit them at:

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