REPAIRED CZ P10S | CZ P10s Issues Corrected

REPAIRED CZ P10S | CZ P10s Issues Corrected

Welcome back to Hunt Fish Shoot! We recently reviewed the CZ P10S and we got a ton of criticism due to the malfunctions of this 9mm pistol. Well let us be the first to clear the air and say that the gun had physical issues, was sent back for repair, and returned to us… Come see what we think now!

With our initial review of the CZ P10S we experienced several malfunctions and could not say it was reliable firearms. All of our issues were firearm related and can be attributed to a faulty extractor. It’s not a fun day when you take a brand new gun to the range and experience issues, but it happens.

The P10S was sent back to CZ for warranty repair and the extractor was repaired as well as enhancements with the feed ramp/chamber. We shot it and quite a few rounds to prove it is reliable after the repair and no issues! We are much happier with the performance and it’s good to see this gun functioning like it should! CZ initially quoted us 4-6 weeks lead time for the repair, but they were able to complete the entire process (including shipping in both directions) in 2 weeks total! Honestly hats off to CZ USA for their great customer service and repair department.

Again, issues happen with guns and if you want to see our full review of the P10S check out the first video we did! Otherwise I hope you are as happy as we are to see the gun performing like it should and thank you for watching! Stay tuned with us each week as we strive to provide you all with the best content we can from Hunt Fish Shoot!

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