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Andrew joined CZ-USA after Retiring from the US Army as a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant. Deployments included both Iraq and Afghanistan. While deployed his focus was on Law Enforcement specific operations, supporting NATO and CJIATF 435. Andrew also served as a Police Officer for 5 years and has a background in logistics, project management and international affairs. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

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  1. Steven Nielson

    Does CZ have a retired law enforcement purchase plan similar to g
    Glock and Sig Sauer?

  2. John K Cusack

    CZ Staff,
    I have previously purchased firearms from CZ under Retired LE program(Ret-FBI). My account # 148617.
    Again I would like to purchase a CZ 527 Lux 223 Left-Handed
    sku # 03007.
    Could you please let me know if this account is still considered active and what my procedure is to process the aforementioned purchase.
    John Cusack phone 206 232-3624, jkcusack@live.com

    • Andrew Eager

      If your customer number starts with an NC then you are good. If not, you will have to re-register. Please email lesales@cz-usa.com for the updated price list and order instructions.

    • Andrew Eager

      If you email lesales@cz-usa.com we will send you the updated price-list. As long as your customer number starts with an NC then you will not have to re-register.

  3. Neil Monaon

    I was wondering if the extended safety comes with the Shadow 2 or is that an extra? I keep seeing on websites that “it comes with the gun”. Mine did not and that is why I am asking.

    thank you for your help with this matter and I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Neil Monson

  4. Michael rodgers

    I am currently in the military and would like to get signed up for the purchase program how do I go about doing that?

      • Lawrence R Warren

        Dear Sirs,
        I would like to sign up for the LE purchase program. I am a law enforcement officer in the State of Illinois. Thank you for your time.



    I’m a retired army veteran, I’d like to get sign up under for the
    LEA/MILITARY purchase program how do I go about doing it?

  6. Keith Platine

    I would like to take part in your LE purchase program. Please advise me how to do this.
    Thanks, Keith Platine

  7. Jax

    Would like to buy a 9mm specialist for my duty gun when my training is done in August who do i talk to?

  8. Mike covellone

    As an active duty military member. Is there a registry with CZ that I need to be on to receive preferred pricing?

  9. Jeff Balut

    Good afternoon, I’ve been trying to email the LE division since May 21st. All emails are returned with a notice they have been rejected as a spam (even though I’ve communicated using that email address to CZ LE Div several times back and forth).

    Andrew recently got me squared away on the annual re-certification of my LE creds. I then placed an order 05/22/18 and just wanted to confirm that it went through, as I got an email furnishing a copy of the form I submitted for the order, but no order number. Customer # NC125378

    I know you guys are super busy and I really appreciate your time. Thanks also for the great program you run to support those in the field.

  10. Rochelle Wheeler

    We have a grandaughter who shoots Trap with Central High School in Paddock Lake WI. She needs an All American, She lives with us and we are retired and on a fiixed income.
    My husband is a Viet Nam Vet and retired from the Navy, We are looking for a military and and SCTP discount. We just came back from State Sunday and saw it there and this gun is perfect for her and just what she needs to possibly go on to college on trap scolarship. Can you help us?


  11. Mark D. Aul

    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I am writing to you with 2 issues. The First 1 is I am retired Military serving 21 years with the Us Navy from 1982 to 2003 I am a Operation Desert storm and Serbian war veteran and I have been Rated at 60% Disabled from the VA. Can i qualify to use The LE/MIL Program ? The 2nd issue I am also a Certified Licensed Gunsmith and Law Enforcement Armorer and I serve My local home town Police Dept and our Medium Size Sheriffs Office in St. Augustine Florida May I ask for a waiver to attend your Armorer’s School? Please advise? I am interested in Purchasing a CZ-75 B Pistol in 9mm My wife has one hers is a CZ-75 P01 Tahnks again Please advise

  12. Dylan Noel

    I would like to sign up for the LE program. I am a police officer in the state of California. Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you

  13. Ben Buol

    If I’m waiting on confirmation for my LE/MIL account, once I have access to that will I be able to see pricing and options for the Bren 2?

    • Andrew Eager

      The Bren 2 is not available for individuals. Only Agencies as it is select fire only.

  14. Travis

    I sent my creds in 6 days ago to lesales@cz-usa.com but have yet to receive a response concerning my enrollment in the LE-MIL Purchase Program. Please advise.

  15. Chris

    Does anyone know where you go to see your order for the firearm. I have been in contact with someone at the le/military division and they said they entered my order. They keep telling me to use my customer number to log in. Where do I do this? I have my regular account on the web store but I don’t see a firearm order.

    • Andrew Eager

      if you just placed your order it might not be in the system yet as we have to attach the FFL to your account. This process can take up to a week. Once your account has been linked and the order entered, then it should be visible through your webstore account.

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