Grendel P10, NO Magazine ?? .380acp

Grendel P10, NO Magazine ?? .380acp

Grendel P-10 .380 Semi-Auto Pistol can hold 10 rounds of .380 acp ammo (more than similar size .380 acp pistols) because it has no detachable box magazine. In stead it uses an internal box magazine that can be reloaded with M-16 / AR-15 ‘stripper clips’ by using a loading / disassembly tool

The Grendel P-10 was designed by George Kellgren a Swedish Arms designer who also invented the Intratec Tec-9, TEC-22, and he is now the owner of Kel-Tec

The Grendel P-10:
Weighs – 15 oz (unloaded)
Length – 5.3 inches
Barrel Length – 3 inches
Sight Radius – 4.5 inches
Capacity = 11 rounds (.380 acp)
Operation – Blowback

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