Ep. 306 – Scott Huesing (USMC Major)

Echo Company Commander, Marine Corps Major Scott Huesing has a new book that comes out early next year, and we hear all about what inspired it.  “Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq’s Deadliest City” comes out February 20th, and it details Scott’s account of Ramadi from the period of 2006-2007.  Huesing, now retired, served for over 24 years with 10 deployments commanding special operations capable units.  He tells us the qualities he sees fit to make a great leader, and for him, it’s not always about combat experience.  He also talks about his passion for volunteer work and giving back.  Be sure to pre-order the book, it’s guaranteed to give some insight into a specific time in recent warfare that hasn’t been tackled yet from this angle.

Jason and I also give a huge shout out to Wes Whitlock, CEO of Rogue American Apparel for his high praise of the last episode with his pal Steve Ralston.  We discuss entrepreneurship in the military community.  Also, we give a Throat Punch of the Week that we’d love to hear your opinion on.  Email us at sofrep.radio@sofrep.com

Scott wanted to dedicate his appearance on this show to Corporal Dustin Libby (USMC.)