CZ’s Bren 2S 11″ & 14″ Pistols – Disassembly, Barrel Removal & More Range Time

This is one we recorded right before our November break, and now its edited and ready to publish. We return to the just-released Czech CZ Bren 2S. Actually we have two to show you, the Bren 2A2 style pistol with 11″ barrel and Bren 2A1 style pistol with 14″ barrel and milspec bayonet lug.
Here we take to the range for more testing, look at more details and features, and then get into a complete disassembly. We even remove the barrel to show just how simple and easy it really is.

The Bren 2 is a worthy successor to CZ’s original 805 Bren, and we will continue to bring you product updates and information as it comes along. This includes on the soon-to-be-released Bren 2MS, cheers….

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