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Camera(s): Canon Rebel T6S, Canon HF R500, GoPro HD Hero 3+ Black Edition, iPhone 7
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Elements 14
Audio: Zoom H5
Music: Provided by YouTube Creation Tools.
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About The Author

Andrew joined CZ-USA after Retiring from the US Army as a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant. Deployments included both Iraq and Afghanistan. While deployed his focus was on Law Enforcement specific operations, supporting NATO and CJIATF 435. Andrew also served as a Police Officer for 5 years and has a background in logistics, project management and international affairs. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

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2 Responses

  1. JJ Cantu

    Having a very difficult time trying to remove the (48) case securing screw so I can remove (47) the trigger case and install a BFS binary trigger, but the screw won’t budge, it’s as if there was to much Loctite added to it and I’m unintentionally stripping the head of the screw. Any advice in making this easier would be appreciated and also, how can I go about purchasing a “case securing screw” to replace the one I’ve just about destroyed.

    Thank You in advance,


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