CZ P10F and P10S-CZUSA Ends The Diary of the Ex Glock Fan Boy

The P10 series from CZ is still a bit of a work in progress. The P10C, filled that niche quite nicely, compared to the Glock 19 types, but there was no full sized or sub compact pistol.

Enter the CZ P10S and the P10F.

These 2 pistols look at the industry standard in sub compact and full sized duty pistols and trash the competition.

Better capacity, better trigger, better ergonomics.

The only way I can get my Glock 26 to coming close to the P10S is to go to Hyve Technologies and use their parts to bring that pistol close.

Additionally I filmed with Zach Hein of CZ USA at the NRA AM 2019 in Indianapolis IN, to look at a few other offerings.

CZ USA Fight. Hunt. Compete.

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