CZ P10C P10S P10F Cleaning New Pistol Owners Guide

CZ P10C P10S P10F Cleaning New Pistol Owners Guide

Cleaning your CZ is very important you need to inspect, lubricate and ensure its function tested and in working order at all times. Generally I do this after every range trip, at least 1x a month if its being carried and annually if its a safe queen.

Cleaning Supplies.

Breakthrough Clean small starter kit
Breakthrough Clean Solvent
Lucas Oil Extreme lube
Cleaning Brushes 10 pack
Lyman Cleaning Mat Must have
Micro fibers12 pack
Latex gloves
Tipton Picks

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Best Belt Med Kit Live The Creed

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Canon R6
Main Lens RF 24-105 F/4L
Canon RF 50mm
Manfrotto Tripod

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