CZ P-09 Cajun Gunworks Trigger job

Update video:

CajunGunworks trigger job. This includes Replacing Hammer spring, firing pin safety spring, Extended firing pin, firing pin spring, Disconnector, Firing pin safety lever, and Double action Roller. All of these parts cost less than $150 straight from CGW website. The guys over at Cajun gun works were super easy to get in touch with via email and over the phone.

Parts list 92030 Short Reset Kit P-07, P-09, P-01, & 75 Omega × 1 $75.00 97910 Competition Spring Kit P-07 P-09 × 1 $24.00 97058-220 Roller Bearing P-07 P-09 $20.00

$15 FFL Transfers Mention GunswithGage!

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