For those without annotations, I said ounces when I meant pounds on the trigger pulls. My bad. Unfamiliar or ambiguous about CZ? I give my reasons why you should get to know the company and this amazing pistol in particular. We review, field strip, and shoot my first “custom race gun” from Angus Hobdell’s Ghost Products/CZ Custom Shop.

For you competitive shooters or handgun aficionados, I share my experience and appreciation for Angus Hobdell’s competition and gunsmithing prowess. We talk about what makes his custom shop guns….. well…. custom, right?

This is my first CZ of any kind so call me crazy for jumping into the deep end of the pool. I’ll tell you what though, the water’s fine!!

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Andrew joined CZ-USA after Retiring from the US Army as a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant. Deployments included both Iraq and Afghanistan. While deployed his focus was on Law Enforcement specific operations, supporting NATO and CJIATF 435. Andrew also served as a Police Officer for 5 years and has a background in logistics, project management and international affairs. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

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