Coding in Java with Joy – A Quarkus talk – DevConf.CZ 2022

Coding in Java with Joy – A Quarkus talk – DevConf.CZ 2022

Speaker: Shaaf Syed

You can deploy your applications to Kubernetes; that’s great! You can have pipelines and a breadth of tools to do analysis, etc. But what about how you develop and what you develop, and finally, how you interact with applications deployed in Kubernetes while in the development inner loop. How can that be done easier, simpler, faster? Java has been there for a long time, and all of us have ways to develop applications and tools that we all love. So how does Quarkus do any of this differently?

Live coding, adding functionality, extensions without restarting, spinning up dev services e.g., databases, making coding and testing easier and continuous, enhancing the inner loop, etc. In this talk, I will create an application from scratch with Quarkus, add databases to it, add a front-end, stream etc. And finally, work with it while it’s deployed in Kubernetes using my dev machine and effectively live code remotely. Join this talk to learn about the Java developers journey to developer Joy!

#lessslides and #morecode