Arbitrator reinstates Ohio officer fired over kick video

Arbitrator reinstates Ohio officer fired over kick video

By PoliceOne Staff

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An arbitrator has reinstated an Ohio officer who was fired over a video that appeared to show the LEO kicking a suspect in the head.

Arbitrator Mitchell Goldberg said Monday that firing Officer Zachary Rosen was too severe of a punishment, according to the Associated Press. The discipline against Rosen was reduced to the equivalent of a three-day suspension without pay.

The video taken in 2017 shows a Columbus officer preparing to handcuff DeMarko Anderson when Rosen arrives and appears to kick the suspect in the head. Rosen has denied kicking Anderson in the head, saying that he was aiming for the suspect’s shoulders.

While Goldberg said Rosen used more force than necessary, there was no evidence that the officer was trying to injure the suspect. Goldberg noted that Rosen could’ve used less forceful options such as dropping a knee on the suspect’s shoulders.

Goldberg said Rosen’s overall record, willingness to follow proper use-of-force techniques in the future and “his intelligence level” argued for a lesser penalty.

Columbus police spokesman Sgt. Dean Worthington said Rosen will be able to return to work immediately, but he must make up the training he missed before he hits the streets again.